Gigantic keyboard in the making



As Ms. Noraniza notified me that there is an interesting event from one of the College Cosmopoint N.9. Ms. Azza E-Secretaryship lecturer have uploaded their activities pictures and one of it was the making of keyboarding replica pasted on the wall. Continue reading »

13 Nov

Chia seeds become disaster in my tumbler

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I and Ayu did shared on buying Chia Seeds from Arlena. 1 packet quite expensive that cost us RM30 per packet. So I did told you that I shared it Ayu …so I just pay RM15 for the Chia Seeds. Therefore, I listed out the benefits of Chia Seeds. Continue reading »

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13 Nov

Kenduri vs Bakteria Jahat

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Thanks K.Aisah Arunah on your thoughtful thoughts for reminding on certain ocassions that could lead to baby’s poor health. Just copy and paste from facebook as for my future reference.

Sharing: khas utk ibu n bakal ibu.. Reena Reen Fatimah Arunah Mummy Rich Nurulakma Wahab Mazuin Osman Clarke.. aku pon kdg kdg tergugat ngan situasi utk berkata NO.. tp bila fikir keselamatan ank sendiri biarlah org nk kata apa pon sebab yg dipertaruhkan ank aku sendiri.. say wat u wanna say.. aku tetap ibunya.. kannn emo sikit. . Ahaks. Continue reading »

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13 Nov

Tips mudah bersalin

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Tips Mudah Bersalin……

1.2 minggu sebelum due, amalkan makan telur separuh masak untuk beri tenaga.

2.Bila sakit nk bersalin, makan sebiji telur mentah.

3.Minum milo yang dibancuh dengan 2-3 sudu margerin supaya laluan cepat terbuka

4.Rebus epal hijau pastu makan time tgh sakit contraction

5.Amalkan membaca surah maryam untuk memudahkan bersalin

6.Time kat labour room, banyakkan membaca al-fatihah dan doa nabi Yunus serta sebut “Ya Fattah” berulang kali untuk mengurangkan rasa sakit bersalin

7. Amalkan minum air kelapa hujung2 nk bersalin. (ni mmg admin amalkan jugak, nanti baby lahir kulitnya bersih je)

8. Makan kurma dalam bilangan ganjil

9. Banyakkan berjalan, naik tangga ke… Exercise sebelum deliver baby Continue reading »

09 Oct

Harley parts for your bike

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Harley parts for your bike

In addition to the regular parts that you need for your Harley Davidson, there are other parts that you can purchase that will spruce your bike up and make it look unique and different than the other bikes out there on the road. Harley Davidson offers foot pegs that are in the shape of spikes that you can replace with the regular foot pegs on the bike. These harley parts usually range from around $50 or more when purchased online and this includes two pegs. They are usually made from copper which will guarantee you good quality for a lengthy time of use.

07 Sep

Four common pests that pose serious risks to your family’s health

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Four common pests that pose serious risks to your family's health

The presence of pests and rodents in your home will have harmful effects on your family’s health, most especially if everyone has been exposed to them for a long period of time. It is important to understand that pests and rodents and humans can not coexist in a home at all because of the dangers associated with their mere presence and severe infestations. You may have a few common pests and rodents at home such as cockroaches, ants and rats, but sharing your home with them places your family in a serious health situations. They all pose serious threats to your family’s health and learning more about the risks involved will help you understand why the need for pest and rodent control must never be neglected. Continue reading »

09 Jul