E-Marketing notes

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Dear students,

Please download the following notes below for your references and guidance for coming final semester exams. The notes that cover for your final exams will be from Chapter 1 until Chapter 7. The rest of the notes you can also save and print for your additional information regarding the subject.

    E-Marketing Notes

The file are zipped with WINRAR software, so you will have to retrieve it by extracting the files through your pendrive or any medium that you want to use.

Note: Please leave comment after downloading the notes with your names and programme. TQ.

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30 Jul

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  10. askum…
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  12. bhavani says:

    Miss I have downloaded the e-marketing notes..
    Sory, I haven’t fin my blog.. I”ll email u my project by tis saturday…

  13. bhavani says:

    Miss I have downloaded the e-marketing notes..
    Sory, I haven’t fin my blog.. I”ll email u my project by tis saturday…



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