Getting the Annex Set Up

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The boss came by my office the other day and told me that I was going to be out in the field on my own. At first I thought I was going back on the road, which is not something I would have liked. However instead I am in charge of getting the annex set up on the far side of the city. We have a lot of business down there and it is not convenient to serve the area from here. I had to get a new printer in Brisbane, but basically I just got a lot of hand me downs. Of course appearances are not all that important in this place, so if the furniture is worn out that is not a huge problem. No one is going to be coming here to see us, if they want something from us they shall go to the main office because that is where you will find the people who can give you an answer. Continue reading »

14 Sep

Three items to consider for advanced dress-up fun

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Whether you started wearing panties in high school or are just now discovering your kink, cross-dressing can be a fun and spicy addition to your sex life. Dressing in female clothing when you identify as a cisgender male presents challenges, including collecting a wardrobe that satisfies your aesthetic. If you’re looking to expand your dressing experiences, here are three items you should consider adding to your collection.

Proper Shoes

The right pair of heels, wedges or ballet flats can really take an outfit to the next level. However, you may find it difficult to locate shoes that are both wide enough and long enough for your feet. Luckily, the Internet has made custom ordering available around the globe. If you live near a major city, you may also want to check around for kink-friendly fetish wear shops that may stock shoes in the proper sizes and widths. To get more for your money, consider a pair of neutral-toned heels that will pair well with multiple outfits. Once you know your true size and favored brands, shopping becomes much easier. Continue reading »

30 Aug

Getting My VPS Services at a Great Rate

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When I decided to change some things with my online business, I had a feeling that it was going to get a lot busier because I was implementing a lot of changes that my customers had suggested themselves. I was already doing a lot of business on a daily basis, so I knew that I was going to have to look into Windows VPS hosting rather than shared hosting. I was going to end up having a lot more traffic on my website, so I knew this change was in order. I wasn’t sure which VPS service to go with, so I did a quick comparison of the ones that I had heard good things about.

When I checked everything about WInity, I knew that they were the company for me. Their Windows VPS would be able to handle the increased traffic that I was expecting to get, and then some. The reason I chose them is mainly because they have a really good reputation, plus their prices are definitely attractive. Continue reading »

23 Aug

Better Sexual Health, Better State of Mind

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If you are in search of the ways to keep an erection for longer or experience erections problems, you can achieve it using natural means and in a fast manner by the intake of herbs for a rock hard erection as talked about in this article. Before we talk about the herbs for better erections (like this stuff here:, let us take a look at the hindrances men face in attaining a long lasting erection. Among the main hindrances is blood flow to the sexual organs, you really need to receive enough blood flow to drive blood to the penile organ and then engorge it, so an erection can take place.

An erection depends on steady blood flow and any person with erection problems is prone to have inadequate blood flow when you are sexually excited. Continue reading »

24 Jun